Carpet Type Treatment

Carpets for some of us are just trivial objects that are a less significant role. In fact, this carpet is an object that is close enough to our daily lives because we often encounter in some spots – spots in the house, for example in the family room, reading room, worship room, bedroom, or other room that takes a lot of activity on the floor. This carpet protects us so that the body does not directly touch the cold floor surface. In addition, the carpet also protects the floor so it is not easily dirty or damaged. Not only that, the carpet also serves to provide an attractive appearance in a room, especially with materials or motifs that vary. Of course, carpet also needs maintenance, the first daily maintenance on the carpet can be done by dry vacuuming using the machine W / D Vacuum cleaner, the goal is to suck dust and small dirt on the surface of the carpet. Then the second way is spotting using Carpet Spotter / Gotcha machine (done if there are stains or spots on the surface of the carpet) by not using any carpet cleaning service that is

For the maintenance of carpet, weekly can be done by dry vacuuming using MPV-14 engine because on this machine there is a brush cylinder that serves as combing the feathers of the carpet so that dust and dirt easily inhaled by vacuum machine. Every 3 months the carpet floor should be washed by way of shampooing the carpet using a carpet extractor machine so that all the dirt and odors attached to the carpet lift.