Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI)

If SEO is an attempt to attract the attention of search engines in order to give good ratings are the end goal is actually a high traffic, so in case you do not succeed at that technique so think to do a way that can bring a lot of visitors to the blog without having to again think about how to write The article. Then what technique is meant? He is Social Media or social networking. Who does not know Facebook and Twitter and you also already know that visitors from these sites can be millions in a day. Well, if you can get traffic from there then despite an average ranking of your blog entry is not, of course, the Google home page visitors blogging to increase steadily. To get an increased ranking on Google, then it is the right business if you contact

Tricks on how to write articles that SEO Friendly this time attracting the attention of google to give us good grades, and if it can be defined as “a group of words or syllables that have the same or relevance to the targeted keywords, or it can also be defined with synonyms or words Who have the same topic. You probably will not find these tips on another blog, let alone that just went along with posting about this theme, because this is actually only done by Master bloggers, especially those from abroad. The author himself has even seen a video statement directly from the google about the influence of this technique.