Tips on Choosing Exterior Paint Colors

In general, choosing a house exterior paint color is more difficult than the interior paint. This is due to the influence held by the exterior paint. The look of your home color will be the first impression that the house has. Painters providing the services of exterior painting, like the exterior painting woodstock, usually know the tips to choose the right exterior paint for each of their customer.

Here are some tips you can use to help you choose the right exterior paint color:

1. Customize with Home Design

As we have discussed here, that each color has its own character. The more complex your home style, the more colors that can be applied. Vice versa, simple house can only use a few colors only. For example, ethnic Javanese style house can only wear natural colors that lead to brown. In contrast, modern-style houses are freer to use color scratches.

2. Make Notes About Color

Make a small note of what colors you like best and most avoided. This is useful to narrow down the available color choices. Do not forget, each color also has a derivative color that may look more attractive than the base color.